What is Goldsoft?

Goldsoft is an innovative software tool designed to assist Developers in the creation of robust, multi-user, purpose built, MS Access databases. Goldsoft builds 70% of the database leaving the Developer to tailor the remaining 30% of the database to the exact needs of the end users.

Itís Robust

  • All Goldsoft modules are built using the same method, therefore lower development and support costs are achieved.
  • Goldsoft Databases can be server based (both front and back end).

Itís Multi-user

  • Goldsoft is true multi-user erasing all file locking and data corruption issues.

Itís Flexible

  • The look and feel of the database can easily be tailored to your company profile.











Itís Scalable

  • Goldsoft can be easily upgraded to an industrial strength database like SQL.
  • Up to 50 users can use a database created with Goldsoft simultaneously.

Why you need Goldsoft?

  • Re-write existing Access databases that have become unstable
  • Upgrade existing Excel projects to Microsoft Access
  • Create multi-user databases from scratch
  • Use MS Access as a prototype for large projects

Easy for Database Developers?

Goldsoft allows the Developer to service the lucrative multi-user market. Goldsoft databases are based on unbound forms, VBA code and the HCS record locking method © 2002. The Developer can easily apply a unique look and feel to Goldsoft. 

Whatís the difference between Goldsoft and other MS Access Templates?

Templates are restricted to being task oriented, for example CRM or invoicing. Goldsoft Databases build modules around a specific table design allowing it to be used for any purpose.

Why use MS Access?

Microsoft Access is the only database product in the market, which has native connectivity to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook. This allows Goldsoft to deliver automated reporting, Excel reports, e-mail functionality and data merges.

Whatís the Goldsoft secret?

The concept is simple. The Frontend incorporates simple functionality eg log-on screen, main menu etc. The Backend holds the data tables. The Goldsoft Database creates Modules to be imported into the Frontend. Goldsoft Modules consist of a Form, a Query and a Report, all based on the table structure.

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