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Purchase a 12 month Goldsoft licence for AUD 200 (inclusive of GST). Further licences can be purchased at a 50% discount. See License Terms below.

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Licence Terms

Each licence is valid for one calendar year from date of purchase. You will be sent a renewal reminder one month before the licence expires. You are under no obligation to renew unless you are using Goldsoft to build databases or maintaining databases that were built using Goldsoft or Goldsoft components.

Single User Licence

Covers one Developer using Goldsoft to create or maintain databases. It is assumed this Developer does not employ other Developers to create databases in full or part for them (the employed persons would each need to licensed).

Multi-User Licences

Each licence would cover one Developer working for a company. For example: one licence would cover Developer A working for a company from January 2008 to May 2008. The same licence would cover Developer B working for a company from September 2008 to November 2008. However if both Developers were working at the same time, two licences would be required. 




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